Team building workouts

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Team building workouts


We’ll challenge your team in ways that encourage group cohesion and cooperation. In turn, fostering a positive culture and positive morale, long after the session has ended.

We’ve developed a range of delicious post-workout smoothies which we’ll mix up for team after their hard work.  A great way to cap off a great session and take care of their bodies too.



Do you value the power of teamwork, trust, group cohesion and a unified approach to overcoming problems?  Then this one is for you!

We've developed a range of physical challenges which encourage your team to work together and achieve a common objective.  We'll break down barriers by involving everyone, regardless of their level of fitness and you'll see your team becoming stronger before your very eyes!

Fun, challenging, team building.

A great way to invest in your people and your business.


*up to 30 individuals per session



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