Lipo Whey

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Lipo Whey


Lipo Whey is a protein supplement developed for men & women wanting to manage their weight while maintaining lean body mass.

  • Muscle & Strength
  • Protein powder
  • Weight Loss
  • Lean Muscle
  • Recovery
  • Gluten free

Losing weight isn’t easy. Juggling a busy lifestyle with work and personal commitments can make regular training and strict nutrition an overwhelming challenge, which is why Evolve created Lipo-Whey.

With 32g of high quality Whey Protein Isolate, Concentrate and Caseinate as a combination of fast, moderate and slow digesting proteins, work together to aid in your recovery over time, while keeping you feeling fuller for longer to help rule out binge snacking and cravings.

Evolve Lipo-Whey includes L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine and Green Tea to further your weight loss efforts, and to assist in metabolizing fat stores into energy during and after training, while helping to promote recovery, maximise energy and promote cellular detoxification. Evolve Lipo-Whey contains added Inositol to boost your alertness and clarity, beneficial for many dieters or those working to maintain productivity and motivation while in a calorie deficit.

It has less than 2g of fat and sugar and just 2.6g total carbohydrate, you’ve just found your new go to meal replacement or post-workout shake.


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Mix 40g (1 1/3 SCOOPS) in 200ml water in a shaker or blender and consume immediately. Take one serve daily. Best times for use are with breakfast, as a between meal snack, or immediately after exercise or training. This product can be taken in conjunction with Evolve ALC or Evolve L-Carnitine for an increased weight management effect.


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