10 Smoothies

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10 Smoothies

$40.00 $30.00

10 Smoothies on one card…. no expiry…. no problem!

10 delicious smoothies at Healthy You HQ, on one little card!  If you like to nourish your body after a workout, grab yourself one of these cards.  They hold 10 smoothies at the discounted cost of only $30.

They don't expire so you can keep it in your wallet with your 10 Class Pass and use it whenever you have the time.

The perfect gift for Christmas or birthdays that fits right into a card or stocking.

If you're the leader of a workforce who cares about the health and fitness of your valued members, giving one of these to each of your staff will make you one very popular boss.

Why not pair this with one of our 10 Class Passes too.


Mix 1 scoop (3.9g) of Pump Action with your favourite pre-workout, intra-workout, creatine or post workout supplement for optimal performance and nutrient uptake.


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