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Chevron Island fitness classes

Obesity has tremendously grown in the past year and has now become a global menace. This has been brought about by the excessive intake of chunk food, lifestyle changes, and lack of exercise, especially during this covid 19 era.

That’s why HYHQ offer fitness classes in your area of Chevron Island. We also provide personal training, and boot camps.

Chevron Island-QLD 4217Since the arrival of the coronavirus, people are complaining of being overweight due to the closure of several outdoor activities, and people mainly operate indoors as per the covid 19 containment measures.

You now have every reason to smile because Health You HQ is here for you. With its yoga and training classes, you are assured that your body weight is under control without using slim pills that are sometimes ineffective.

Chevron Island Boot Camps

Welcome and enjoy the latest innovation in outdoor functional fitness coaching. Customer satisfaction is highly guaranteed at Health You HQ; once you join this HYHQ family, you will be accorded with a high level of respect that you deserve.

There are no exceptions from the staff while delivering services. HYHQ is driven by the four strong pillars that we believe are essential for everybody, a strong body, healthy nutrition, a strong mind, and the capacity to sustain the three aforementioned.

That is what they work to see everybody dedicated to achieving them.

Amid the Covid 19, several things have affected our services, but we are taking a new direction and approach to fitness. We have a new workout mechanism that entails group workouts specifically designed to cater to all experience and fitness levels.

Regardless of your experience level, HYHQ got you covered, and instructors will put you in a group according to your experience and fitness level. We are offering quality training and training classes at affordable prices and budget-friendly costs.

Achieving results is not an overnight issue, and our instructors understand this; that is why we address sustainability by offering comprehensive recovery and stretching sessions.

Work out with conviction in HYHQ because you have everything it takes, from, mindful coaches to fantastic yoga instructors. To cope with the current situation, the management introduced PT sessions for individuals who need private working out space besides introducing online guided meditation.

Although most services are resuming to normal in Queensland, Sam, the co-founder of HYHQ, offers free fitness classes on zoom for all Victorians in lockdown. For best results, the management and staff comprise handpicked best health and physical fitness professions in Australia.

Latest Innovation in Fitness Classes in Chevron Island

Sam has introduced boot camp classes from customized and kitted out VW Kombi Vans to avoid overcrowding in the classes, designed as mobile fitness studios.

HYHQ group delivers flexible, high-quality personal training from renovated mobile VW Kombis. So, you don’t have to worry about the Covid 19 social distancing and stay at home restrictions.

Moreover, we provide corporate workouts to help in productivity and overall mental and physical health for everybody, including employees.

HYHQ offers various corporate workout classes to cater to the multiple needs of Australians and especially Victorians currently under lockdown despite the opening up of other activities in Queensland. The classes include;

  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • Metabolic conditioning (MetCon)
  • Cardiac resistance training
  • Boxing
  • Yoga
  • Mindset coaching
  • Nutritional advice
  • Personal training

All these services are offered at an affordable price. Whatever your reason for coming to HYHQ is, you will go back home a happy person because your exercise body needs will be met by our experienced coaches and instructors who know how to handle everyone’s needs.

They know how to incorporate fun in classes and include everybody. Driven by the four-strong pillars, HYHQ offers fun and enjoyable lessons that are totally inclusive.

We offer our courses in an environmentally friendly setting that focuses on instilling skills you need to succeed in your health and mental fitness endeavors. Currently, we have our classes and training at Broadbeach and Mudgeeraba. If you wish to join our sessions, be sure to find us at the two places.

Membership programs and costs

Due to the enormous public demand, HYHQ shall be launching the second Gold Coast Kombi at Burleigh and Chevron Island. We understand different people have different needs and capabilities, so we offer various classes at different membership costs depending on your wish and capacity.

Multiple membership options are affordable and flexible to help everybody to achieve their health and fitness goals.

You can get a membership account from as low as twenty-five dollars per week for outdoor boot camps, sixty dollars per session for personal training, and three hundred dollars for corporate programs. All these options are tailored to ensure you achieve your fitness dream.

If you choose the one-week membership subscription, you will enjoy a one-week free trial, get unlimited access to classes and enjoy free membership pause options.

For a personal training membership plan, you will enjoy nutrition and recovery access, free Bootcamp access, checks-ins, and support, among others.

On the other hand, corporate program membership plans offer you unlimited access to wellness programs for businesses, yoga, and workout classes as per your choice, and enjoy the full advantage of HYHQ coming to your place.

Despite all these, you are assured of receiving high-quality services that ensure that the experience you get with HYHQ is worth the cash you dish out as membership cost.

What we aim to achieve in your area of Chevron Island

Our aim to offer the best health and fitness services in Queensland and help everyone dedicated to having a manageable bodyweight achieve it. We have a positive culture that brings people together. At the same time, they make enjoyable progress towards a healthy you.

Why choose HYHQ fitness classes in Chevron Island?

Here at HYHQ, we offer top-notch training and classes taking a keen interest in everyone’s needs. We understand we are in tough times and everyone is struggling, so we have various classes that are fit as per the situation.

Our cherry-picked instructors and coaches understand a thing or two about exceptional training. That is why the company is shaped to suit diverse needs. Join our membership today and enjoy every bit of our classes while realizing your dream body toning and fitness.