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Mel Woodward

Hey everyone, Mel Woodward here ☺. I’m so excited to introduce myself and Healthy You HQ.

I first became involved with the fitness industry as a way to address some health and mental health issues and haven’t looked back since!! In 2009 I was suffering from anxiety, depression, coeliacs disease and ADHD… so you could say that I was a big ball of emotion. I made some changes to my nutritional intake, physical activity and mental awareness which changed my life significantly and have had an incredible impact on my overall wellbeing.

I continued to train my way to the stage and began competing as a fitness model in 2012. Eventually earning my Pro status with the WBFF and competing on the world stage in Canada, representing Australia. After eight shows I’m now a stage coach and I loving sharing my experience with new, up and coming athletes too.

I’ve been an ASN sponsored athlete for the past six years which has taught me plenty about sports nutrition. I’ve used that knowledge to create a delicious menu of smoothies for your enjoyment after your workout!!

My motto is “I can do anything!!” and you can do anything too xx