Springfield, QLD, 4300, Australia
0420 232 170

Kurt Palmer

Hi I’m Kurt,

I am one of the Personal Trainers here at Healthy You HQ. I love that we all get to have fun and train together out in the fresh air, rather than being stuck inside! My passion comes from watching members improving over time and I am always keen to share my knowledge and experiences with you all…

I’m also not shy of a few penalty push ups or burpees so feel free to challenge me if you think you have something that will get that result… but you’d better be willing to pay up if I win!

I’m 27 and currently work full time in the Army where I have been running PT for the past 5 years for groups of up to 250 people with a very wide variety of sessions. I have been training for the past 8 years, competing in multiple OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) events such as True Grit and the like. I recently completed a solo 24 hr race and I absolutely love the fit and healthy lifestyle that my jobs encourage me to live. My main focuses have been around strength, endurance training and the recovery because I feel that they are areas which can be drastically underestimated.

Outside of my training, I also enjoy hiking, rock climbing, camping and pretty much anything outdoors. I am a bit of a thrill seeker and enjoy exploring. I have an amazing partner Tayla, who I can’t spend enough time with and two cheeky Rottweiler’s that keep me on my toes but are a great excuse to go for an extra walk or run.

I’m really approachable and happy to help anyone with their fitness so don’t hesitate to ask.