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Courtney Todd

Hi Healthy You HQ Family!

My name is Courtney and I am an Accredited Sports Nutritionist and soon to be Group Fitness Instructor.

For years I struggled with self-image and how to feel better about myself, on top of struggling with anxiety and depression. I tried every fad diet available, I tried under eating, over exercising and punishing myself with exercise and food daily to get to my ‘healthy’ goal as fast as possible. I found that I would exclude major food groups like carbohydrates because I thought that they would make me fat, I would skip meals to reduce the calories I would intake and I didn’t allow myself to have any treats, resulting in binge eating as I thought I couldn’t eat these things if I wanted to be ‘healthy’.

When I went through some major personal issues in my life, I also found at the exact same time that having a coach to assist me with both nutrition and fitness, helped both my mental and physical health more than I ever could have imagined, as I finally was not over eating and over exercising, and had a trusted professional to keep me accountable through the hard times, knowing that they were not going to lead me away from my goal of being healthy, but closer to it in a more HEALTHY, MAINTAINABLE and SUSTAINABLE way. This is when I decided I had to start learning this too – and educating as many people as I could that nutrition and fitness weren’t elements to punish yourself with or to over complicate, but to find healthy ways to live where you don’t have restrictions but are healthier than ever, physically and mentally.

This is now what I offer to all of my clients – guidance and education on how to live a healthy, maintainable and sustainable LIFESTYLE, not DIET, to get you to the healthiest you. I offer general health guidance for those wanting to know more and get an overall healthier lifestyle, assistance in weight loss, assistance in muscle gain and assistance in body re-composition. Through meal guides, target macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients, and education on nutrition, I work with individuals to achieve their goals by understanding the individuals body and needs, and what nutritional requirements are required.

I hope that I can assist as many of you as possible with your journey of getting to a healthier YOU!