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The HYHQ Difference

There’s no denying that there are some wonderful companies in the industry who are delivering great group training classes and helping to get people moving and improving their fitness.

Unfortunately, they seem to neglect the other pillars of health which sets their clients up for failure in the long run.

We’re giving our clients access to the highest quality of training with a varied and periodised program, delivered by expert trainers. We’re addressing the sustainability issue by providing regular and ongoing stretching/recovery sessions too.

We’ve teamed up with the amazing staff at the Revive Yoga & Wellness Centre who will keep your mind and body in tip-top shape with weekly stretch centric yoga sessions.

We’ll assist you nutritionally by giving you great deals on a range of carefully selected sport supplements and we’ll provide you with expert advice to steer you in the right direction too.

All of our clients have access to the best professional advice available via our regular BLOGS on nutrition, mindset, exercise science and physiotherapy.

Here’s the fun part… The platform we’ve decided to use to deliver all this to you is through a fully customised Volkswagon Kombi!! Each Kombi is loaded with the highest quality gym/fitness equipment.

They’ve been decked out with an awesome sound system to get you pumped up during your sessions. Then, once you’re done working up a sweat, we’ll serve you a range of amazing post-workout smoothies, juices and healthy snacks from the smoothie bar we’ve built into the back of the vans!!

Giving you an opportunity to relax and chat with your new friends and fitness family while nourishing your body.

Our Values
  • We’re professionals: You’ll be treated with respect by professional staff at all times, no exceptions. We will always deliver the highest quality of service to ensure your experience with us is worthy of your hard earned membership cost.
  • We’re flexible: We understand that life happens so we won’t lock you into a contract that will see you out of pocket if your circumstances change and you decide you can’t train with us any longer.
  • We’re reliable: We place an incredibly high importance on being reliable. We know your time is valuable so you can rely on us to be on time and ready… always.
  • We’re driven: Your success is our success. We take a personal interest in each and every member. We welcome your questions and strive to assist each member with their individual requirements as best as we possibly can.
  • We’re a family: We know first-hand that our “gym” is a place where friendships and support networks are formed. We won’t just churn out class after class, kicking one class out the door to fit in the next. Take your time to stretch, wind down, chat and enjoy a drink at the end of each and every class. Then come and enjoy each other’s company at our social events too.
  • We appreciate you: We extend our appreciation to our Defence Personnel, Emergency Services, students and elderly members by discounting their memberships.
  • We’re adaptive: We’re constantly on the lookout for the best way to deliver results. Similarly, we have an open mind and will happily receive your suggestions on ways we can improve.
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Katie Long

With Sam’s coaching and guidance I have not only lost 14kg but also have improved my training techniques, my mindset and feel 100% confident in making even further changes and smashing more goals.